About Us

Brief Background:

Originally established in 1940 at Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir State as Radio Electric and Sound Company (RESCO). Held distributorship of Gramophone Co. Ltd. of UK (His Master’s Voice) products including Radios, Gramophone Records, machines and other products; COLUMBIA Gramophone Records; MARCONI (British); TELEFUNKEN (German); LAFAYETTE (American) domestic Radio products. RESCO as the pioneer Radio Servicing Organization with qualified engineer in the territory of Jammu & Kashmir before independence.RESCO was re-established at Karachi, Pakistan in 1955 after migration from Srinagar, Kashmir (India-held) by the proprietor Mr. M.A. Lateef (An Engineer) who was also Chief Executive of Karachi Office. The Islamabad office was established in 1977 with Mr. Mahmud A Kreashi, a retired army officer (with background in communications and electronics-Corps of Signals) as its Chief Executive.